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Journey Camp is an amazing 5 day adventure for students who have completed 7th-12th grade. The week is packed with exciting activities, deep fellowship time, powerful worship, and most importantly God’s truth. Students are challenged in their relationships with Christ and with each other as they encounter God’s love and the joy of a life devoted to Him. 

Click GROUP LEADER above if you are the contact person who is registering your group for camp. There is only ONE person doing this for your group for your session.

Click CAMPER above to register individually for camp. All people who attend camp are CAMPERS - both adults and students.

Journey 1 || June 12-16

Journey 3 || June 20-24


Journey 2 || June 16-20

Journey 4 || July 17-21


Journey 1

Ronie Hill.png

Ronnie Hill

Ronnie has been preaching on the road for 23 years. Ronnie preaches an anointed but simple message of salvation and repentance; that it's the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that through His blood alone, we are saved. He is passionate about getting the Gospel out in all shapes, forms, ways, and sizes! Ronnie is married with one son.

Journey 2

Lucas Barrientes.png

Lucas Barrientas

Lucas Barrientes is a young, dynamic pastor of Mosaic Church in San Antonio, Texas starting the church in 2015.  Lucas has a heart and a passion for Christ and preaching the word. He has been married to his wife of 18 years, Monica, and together they have 7 beautiful children. Lucas loves all things leadership, wood working, the outdoors, and fishing with his boys.

Journey 3

Robert White.png

Robert White

Robert White is a pastor, public speaker, motivational coach and organizational leadership strategist. Robert is passionate about individuals understanding and living out their God given purpose. His passion for individuals to know and understand the gospel is seen in his passionate delivery of scripture and his strategic approach to evangelism and community engagement. Robert serves as the Lead Pastor of Freedom Church in Bedford, TX, a growing, diverse, and multi-generational church. He has a wife and two beautiful daughters in Fort Worth.

Journey 4

Zac Randles.png

Zac Randles

Pastor Zack is pastor of Waterfront Church in Washington DC and husband of Autumn. Zack is an Oklahoma State University Cowboy from Lubbock, TX, and Autumn is a Texas Tech University Red Raider from Nocona, TX. 

In college, Zack played a little lacrosse, preached for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and worked for four and a half years waiting tables at Red Lobster. The Randles have 4 kids (Lulu, Jack, Harper and Baby Zeke) and they love baseball, traveling, Ted’s Bulletin, and Waterfront Church!


Journey 1

Joel Vaughn.png

Joel Vaughn

Joel is married to his beautiful wife Andra of 16 years. They have two awesome kids, and a dog named Kevin.They reside in Nashville, TN. Joel Vaughn grew up pursuing this passion- To create music and share the hope of Jesus to whoever would listen.  Joel has consistently had his songs appear and chart on Billboard and Mediabase during his career. Songs like- Wide Awake, As You Are, Pray It Up, More Than Good Enough, I Look To You, I Would Be Lost, and Already Done were all radio hits.

Journey 2

Cody Dunbar.png

Cody Dunbar Band

Cody is Worship Pastor at Trinity Church in Yukon, Oklahoma

Journey 3

Matt roberson.jpeg

Matt Roberson

Matt Roberson is the Lead Pastor of The MET Church in Houston, TX. Matt served as a Worship Pastor for the first 16 years of his ministry career. He came to The MET in January 2010 as the Worship Pastor and then became the Lead Pastor in August 2016. Matt is an authentic, transparent, and passionate leader. He is creative, has the heart of a shepherd, a discerning spirit, and a true love for people. He is a gifted worship leader and an excellent communicator. Matt has been married to his wife, Jennifer since 2000 and they have two children, Chloe and Claire. Matt completed his undergraduate at Oklahoma Baptist University.

Journey 4

Denver Duncan.png

Denver Duncan Band

Denver is the worship pastor at Waterfront Church in Washington DC.  He grew up with an insatiable love of music. His childhood is intertwined with memories of his mother practicing piano for Sunday morning and his father booming anything from Motown to Steely Dan. With his wife, Heather, and their three kids (Daxx, Zadie, and Dutch) by his side, Denver lives a life of creativity and authenticity.  He continues to fall in love with what music is and what it can accomplish in the heart of a believer.

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