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Lead Camp - Group Leader

  • If you are a new contact person for your Church Organization that already exists in our registration system, contact the camp office before starting the registration process.

  • Don't forget to register for both students and adults.

Early Group Registration

Deposit Amount

$50 per spot

Date & Rate

Oct 3rd-Mar. 6th || $150

Mar. 6, 2022

Regular Group Registration

Deposit Due

Mar. 7- 3 weeks before Camp || $160

Within 15 days of approval email

$50 per spot

Lead Camp: July 7-9

2 Week

June 23

3 Week

June 16

Drop Deadline

May 22

  • May 22: Drop deadline - last day to drop spots and not be financially responsible for the dropped spots

  • 3 Week: Individual registration due - $25 fee for any registration or substitution after this date; balance due

  • 2 Week: Adult paperwork due - CLR, BGCK, CPT; COLI due; Attendance & T-Shirt confirmation form due

Lead Camp Resources

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